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About APPrize:

APPrize is the IMC 1k Apps Challenge which is aimed at identifying the top 50 App-based solutions for the 5 identified themes and 20 problem statements.

The top 1000 apps that are selected for this Challenge will be launched at the IMC 2018 stage and given an opportunity to showcase their solutions to the world.

About IMC:

India Mobile Congress (IMC) is South Asia’s Largest Digital Technology Forum, where voice, data and a billion people converge.

IMC 2017, held in September last year, was a first of its kind event in the region, bringing together Mobile, Internet, and Technology companies on one platform, under the theme, “Connecting the Next Billion”. The event was attended by more than 2,000 delegates, 32,000 visitors, 150 Speakers, 100+ Exhibitors and over 100 start-ups.

IMC 2018, is envisaged to be an even bigger event with its theme “New Digital Horizons. Connect, Create, Innovate”. It aims at building ideas, forging lasting Industry relationships, showcasing leading-edge mobile technology & product trends, promoting manufacturing services, developing sectoral insights and driving impactful solutions.


Networks of the Future

  • Telecom Standards - Access to latest technology updates/developments – ITU / IEEE / Others
  • Network Diagnostic Tools / Services
  • Cybersecurity – Making devices/data safer over networks
  • Machine to Machine (M2M) solutions (including 5G use cases)

Smart Cities / Smart Enterprises

  • Improving access to healthcare services & sanitation
  • Solutions for a smart and sustainable city – clean energy, eco-friendly, connectivity
  • Logistics / Supply Chain Solutions for Enterprises

FinTech / ArtificiaI Intelligence

  • Economic growth + Livelihood improvement through a mobile device
  • Financial inclusion – mBanking Services
  • Apps for AI and data analytics – B2B solutions
  • M-Commerce (M-retail)
  • Blockchain Solutions

Empowerment / Access to Services

  • Digital Inclusion – For individuals as well as Enterprises, the online presence for local businesses
  • Skill Development / Training / Mobile based Edu-Tech
  • Mobile-based Agritech
  • Disaster Management – (Rescue, Recovery, Relief)
  • App for the Department of Telecom – Taking consumer-focused initiatives to people; Access to policy documents, notifications

Enhancing the User Experience

  • Social Media – Greater ease of use and accessible platforms
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Enriched Content for the Mobile Consumer - Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality


Prizes to be announced soon

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